Throughout the year we take ALOT of trips.  Sometimes it may just be to the beach and other times we may be going to another state!  All of our trips are designed to help our group grow closer together as we seek to grow closer to God.  
In order to make our trips as awesome as possible, we have a few things we ask that everyone follows. 


Every Trip will have a Signup Deadline.  We set this deadline in order to make sure that we can get the BEST possible price for the event, as well as giving us enough time to get the transportation and the lodging we will need.  

Starting January 1, 2014, all trips will have TWO prices.  The "Early Bird" price will be given to all students who have signed up and paid any required deposit (if one is required) before the deadline for that trip.  Anyone who signs up and/or pays their deposit after the deadline will be charged the full price of the event.

Here's an example:
For the CIY MOVE trip in July, the cost of the event is $425 if you register by the Deadline.  However, if you do not, the price goes up to $475.  

There are two reasons for this policy.  First, we need to have enough time to secure transportation and lodging for all of our students on the trip.  We can not do this the day before we leave, so we are asking that you help us by letting us know early enough.  Second, many of the events we attend have different pricing scales depending on when you register.  We set our event cost based off of the lowest possible rate.  If you register after that deadline, our cost will increase.

We GREATLY appreciate your help in signing up early and helping us keep our costs as low as possible!


Of course we realize that rules are no one's favorite thing.  But we have to have a few that we ask you to follow to make sure we all stay safe as we travel.  Here are the basics:

  • Watch your language
  • Put your seat belt on (and keep it on as long as the vehicle is moving!)
  • Keep your hands to yourself
  • Stay engaged in what we're doing (i.e. don't take out your cell phone during the speaker or worship, etc)
  • Don't wander off- make sure an adult knows where you are!
  • Respect everyone!
  • Please dress appropriately!!!

Each trip is different, and so there may be a few extra rules depending on what we're doing and where we're going. Check the "Trip Rules" for the trip you're going on for the specifics!

**Please keep in mind, if we have to send a student home from a trip due to their behavior, that will be done at their parent's expense.


Our goal is that money never causes ANYONE to miss a trip that has eternal value.  We try our best to keep our costs as low as possible, but we understand that sometimes the trip is outside the affordable range for a family.  To help with this, we have a scholarship program. 

Cancellations -

If you find out for some reason that you are unable to attend a trip after you have registered, here are the details for cancellations and refunds.

All deposits made are refundable UP UNTIL THE DEADLINE DATE!  After the Deadline has passed, your deposit is NO LONGER REFUNDABLE!

After the Deadline date has passed, you are registered for the trip and responsible to pay the amount due!  In some cases you may just lose your deposit, but please understand that if we have been charged the entire amount and it is non-refundable from the event, then you will be responsible for the amount due.

HOWEVER, all monies paid are transferable!  Which means, if something comes up to cause you to have to cancel- as long as you find someone to take your spot who can pay the amount due, then you're off the hook.

Please understand that we will try everything we can to not charge you if you need to cancel.  But in most circumstances you are responsible for the amount due once the deadline has passed.