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I'm NOT a big fan of rap music.  But the message of this one is great!  Take a few minutes and listen to this one.  

This is a great song by Nick Cannon (singer and host of "America's Got Talent"), based on his real life experience, and his mother's decision NOT to abort him.  Abortion is a hot button issue in our country right followers of Jesus, we are called to take a stand on the things we believe, and let it shine through our actions and our lives.

Ok, here's for all the girls (and I guess maybe some guys, but shhh...we won't tell anyone that you admitted it!) that like Justin Bieber.  I don't know how much Justin actually believes the words of this song, but the message of the song seems to be telling people to communicate with God, through prayer, and take their concerns to Him.  I like that message! I was surprised at the source, but that's ok!  This song hit the iTunes top ten.  What do you guys think of the song?