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Welcome Nucleus Parents!!!

We are excited that your student is a part of our ministry!  Nucleus Student Ministries is not just for the students though, it's for the whole family!  If there is ever anything we can do to help, please feel free to contact us at any time.

This page will have updates and information specifically for you the parents! 

[There may come a time that you get frustrated with something that we do...it is our sincere hope that that NEVER happens. However, we are not perfect. So, in the event that it ever does...please come and talk to us so that we can talk about the problem.]

Frequently Asked Questions:

When can my son or daughter start coming to NUCleus events?
Students may start coming to NUCleus events as soon as they finish the 5th grade.  At the end of each school year we will have a "Promotion Sunday."  On this day, students will be "promoted" up to the next program.  After "Promotion Sunday" we consider a student to be a part of the next grade.  So students can take part in our Middle School program as soon as they have finished the 5th Grade- Our Middle School program is Wednesday nights from 6-8pm. Students can take part in our High School program as soon as they have finished the 8th grade- Our High School prorgram is Sunday nights from 6-8pm.

Is there food at NUCleus?  Does my son/daughter need to eat dinner before they come?
We love our students!  And we understand that 2 hours is a long time for a teenager to go without food! :D   However, because we have been blessed with so many students, we can't afford to feed them all each week.  We do however, have our NUCleus Cafe which sells drinks and snacks.  Prices range from .25 cents up to $2, and we have a wide range of options!

From time to time we will have a full meal for them and enjoy some table fellowship together.  We will advertise this in advance so you are aware of it.  But for the most part, please feed your student before you send them to youth group!

Some of the events and trips that you guys do are just a bit out of our family's budget, is there any opportunity for fundraisers or scholarships?
In short, YES!  We realize that some of the events and trips cost a bit of money.  In order to try to make things a bit more affordable, we will have several fundraiser opportunities throughout the year to help students raise money to help with their trips.  Also, we NEVER want money to be the reason a student can't attend an event like CIY"s Move, Believe, IMPACT, Camp, or other spiritually enriching events, for those events there will be scholarships available to help. Please check out our Scholarship Application Page for more information.

Who are the sponsors and how do I know I can trust them with my student?
Our sponsors are the backbone of our ministry!  They are volunteers from our congregation here at Plymouth Avenue.  Many of them are parents themselves.  A current list of our sponsors can always be found on our Meet Our Team page.  NUCleus makes every effort to make sure that parents feel safe with their students involvement here.  In order to do that, we thoroughly screen all potential sponsors, through personal meetings, recommendations, and background checks.  The security of our teens is a top priority for us and we are very selective in who we allow to interact with our students.  If you ever have any concerns, please let us know.


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