Sundays 5-7:30 PM

It doesn't matter if you go to DeLand Middle, Southwestern Middle, River Springs Middle, Ivy Hawn, or somewhere else-- if you are in the 6-8th Grade you belong here!

Every week will include a full meal together, a night of crazy awesome teens, silly and ridiculous games, relevant teaching, and awesome memories!  Take a chance and join us one night- YOU WON'T REGRET IT!  

Middle School Retreat
Have you ever felt worn down, out of energy, disconnected? We all have those moments! And it can effect our faith as well.  This weekend is designed to help you plug back in and reconnect with God, with each other, and with your faith!
Details, dates, and information coming SOON!
Gut-Bust, Strobe Light, Pillow Fight!
October 18

Join us for a night of craziness that is only fitting for Middle Schoolers!  This will be a night of memories and stories you will be telling again and again for years!  More details coming soon!

March 16-17, 2018
Atlanta, Georgia

An ENTIRE WEEKEND specifically designed for Middle School students!  Join us in Atlanta for incredible music, high-energy games, relevant teaching, and a bunch of other crazy stuff!  

Cost:  $ (plus a couple meals)
A deposit of $25 is required in order to register and the registration DEADLINE is January 2018!  You don't want to miss this!

Late registrations MAY be accepted if there is space, however, a late fee WILL be added so don't wait- bring your deposit in TODAY!