Every week at Youth Group we offer our students the opportunity to participate in Kingdom Work!  We want our students to understand the value of helping others, and one way we can do that is through helping to fund awesome Kingdom Work going on around the world!  We also want to teach our students the value of the Biblical principle of tithing.  Tithing is a command from God and it deals with one of the things we hold most dearly to us: our money!  We know this is a struggle and we hope to help teach our students this principle now so they will know the joy and the blessing that comes from obeying God in all things! 

Students are NOT required to bring any money, but we do encourage them to consider tithing and taking part in the Kingdom Work of the missions we support.

In the past we have partnered with missions such as Rapha House, Active Water, IJM, and Mission1.  Check out their web pages to see the awesome Kingdom Work they are doing!

And check back here soon to hear more about who we are partnering with this year!