An annual tradition!

Join us for TWO days of awesome games, teaching, fellowship, and a lot of fun!  6-8th grade students only!  This year's retreat will be at North Florida Christian Camp in Keystone Heights. 

Activities will include:

The Blob
Human Foosball
Sand Volleyball
200 ft Slip-N-Slide
...and more!

Cost: $40 (some additional activities- such as paintball and ziplining- are also available for an additional cost)


Deadline is August 3
See Billy for any questions.

This year's theme is "Character"

Do you have character?  Or are you just playing a character? Sometimes as we go through life, we are just mimicking what we see others do.  This isn't always a bad thing, but often times we mimic the good AND the bad.  Often we just do what we have seen others do, instead of doing what we know is right.  

Part of having character is doing the right thing- not just the popular thing, the accepted thing, the thing that everyone else is doing- but the right thing.

Do you have character?  Or are you just playing a character?

You can register for the Retreat by filling out the form below!

Packing List

Toiletries, Bedding (sleeping bag or blanket/sheet), Pillow, at least 2 changes of clothes, 2 Towels, Bathing Suit (NO BIKINIS or SPEEDOS!), Bible, Notebook, Pen/Pencil

Tentative Schedule:  
Saturday, August 6
                 9:30 am-              Leave PACC
                    11 am-              Set up rooms
               11:30 am-              Session #1
               12:30 pm-              Lunch
                 1:30 pm-              Slip-N-Slide
                 2:30 pm-              Blob
                 3:30 pm-              Tubing
                 4:30 pm-              Clean Up
                 5:30 pm-              Dinner
                      7 pm-              Session #2
                      9 pm-              Night Swim
               10:30 pm-              Bonfire

Sunday, August 7
                  8:30 am-             Communion and Devotion
                       9 am-             Breakfast
                     10 am-             Session #3
                11:30 am-             Blob
                      1 pm-              Lunch
                      2 pm-              Tubing
                      3 pm-              Open Swim
                      4 pm-              Clean Up
                      5 pm-              Session #4

                      6 pm-              Leave to return to PACC

                 7:30 pm-              Approximate arrival back at PACC


To the right is the link to the Medical Release form from North Florida Christian Camp- it MUST be filled out in order to attend!  Print one and fill it out! Or come by the office to see Billy and get one.

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2016 Middle School Retreat Registration Form

Would you like to participate in any of the following activities for an ADDITIONAL cost? (Select all that apply)