We know that alot of this information is found elsewhere on the site. But we wanted to make sure parents had a quick access to all of the info they could need all in one spot! 

Please visit our Trip Policies page to find out about Deadlines, our cancellation policy for trips, Scholarship information, and Rules


When you put your students under our watch, we take their safety VERY seriously!  We know that no matter how much we love them, you love them more- so our goal is to keep them as safe with us as they would be under your watch.  Here are just a few of the ways we do that.

"Buddy System"
On trips, and even at Youth Group, we don't like the students to roam off by themselves.  If they need to go somewhere other than where the group is at, we ask that they take someone with them and that they let an adult know.  Sometimes its hard to convince the students that this isn't because we don't trust them. But we are willing to have that discussion with them, and even get the eye roll and dirty looks in order, to keep them safe.

Youth Sponsors
Our Youth Sponsors are the backbone of our ministry.  They are trained to keep aware of their surroundings.  Not only to watch the students, but to keep an eye on what is going on around us.  All of our Sponsors have been background checked and vetted through recommendations in order to ensure we have solid men and women in this role.  To ensure our students safety, our Youth Sponsors are usually the only adults we allow to join our events, activities, etc.  However, parents of our students are always welcome to join us.  

Below you can find some links to what we are looking for in our Youth Sponsors: 

Only drivers who are able to get approved by our church's insurance company are able to drive on our trips.  This means adults 25 and over with clean driving records.  No teenagers are allowed to drive to any trip we take.  We want all of our students to be safe while we travel to our events.

We do everything we can to make sure that what we do is safe, but working with teenagers means that sometimes accidents happen.  That is why we ask all of our students to fill out a Medical Release Form- which allows us to get them any medical attention they may need.  We also fill out a thorough Accident Report so that we can evaluate anything that might need to be changed or adjusted to prevent future accidents.


The most important thing we can do is introduce our students to Jesus Christ!!!  It is the reason we do everything else that we do!  We understand that this can't be done by lecture alone. So all of our lessons include times for games, small groups, activities, etc according to what we are teaching. 

 You can always find a complete list of what we are teaching on our Lesson Calendar Page