Throughout the year we take trips all over the place!  We might do something to encourage fellowship like riding zip lines or playing paintball.  Or we might travel to see a Christian band in concert or run a Mud Run obstacle course. We may stay local or travel to another state.  We might be by ourselves for the trip or join with other groups of students.  But no matter what, we want our trips to fulfill the following requirements:

- Honor God.
-Grow our relationship with God.
-Build community and fellowship among our students.
-Remind us to take joy and enjoy some fun.

Just a note about cost:

Our trips vary in price, everything from $5 to $450.  We know this can be a burden at times, and we are ALWAYS working to keep our costs as low as possible.  We do not want ANY student to miss out on an opportunity to grow deeper in their relationship with Christ just because of finances.  If the cost of a trip is prohibitive for you, please let us know and fill out a Scholarship Application so we can do everything we can to make sure you come with us! 

(You can find one of those here)

As a way to give incentives to our students who are actively part of our ministry on a regular basis, and to help offset some costs, we tier our pricing on many trips.  Here is a brief explanation of that process.

Full Price - 

This price reflects the full cost for a student to participate in the trip/event.  This is the closest representation of what it actually costs our ministry per student.  

Youth Group Price (YG Price) - 

For students who are actively involved in our Student Ministry on a regular basis, we give them a discounted price on trips/events.  This is just a small incentive we try to give to reward students who are making efforts to grow in their faith throughout the year by being actively involved in our ministry.

Youth Group & Church Price (YGC Price) - 

For students who are actively involved in BOTH our Student Ministry AND Plymouth Avenue Christian Church on a regular basis, we give an additionally discounted price on trips/events.  

*To be considered "actively involved" students must participate in our Student Ministry (attending Youth Group, helping with service projects and fundraisers, be a part of a small group, etc).  "Regular basis" is determined as more often than not.  In other words, they must be actively involved for the majority of the year, not just the time leading up to the trip/event.

For more information or clarification, please see Billy

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