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Grow.  Serve.  Belong. 


force or speed of movementimpetus, as of a physical object
 or course of events.

If you've ever been a part of a church growing up, there is a chance you experienced a youth group.  Youth Groups are an AWESOME place to discover God, and safely explore who Jesus is.  To learn about grace, mercy, and salvation!  They are a great place to build a foundation of faith to carry you through life!  HOWEVER, what happens after Youth Group is over?  What happens when you graduate? You have built a great foundation, but NOW WHAT?  Don't let all the momentum you've built up stop!

We love that you have started this journey towards living a life of faith, and we want to help you continue that journey, build on that foundation, and grow stronger in your faith!
Or maybe you've never had the chance to experience who God is-- you've heard about this Jesus, but you don't understand what it's all about-- we want to introduce you to a relationship with Him that will rock your world and change your eternity!  Let us help you get started on this adventure towards knowing Him!

MOMENTUM is designed for Young Adults (18-30) who are searching for a place in the Body of Christ to serve, to grow, and to belong!  



*The formula for momentum.  (m)mass times (v)velocity


We exist to help believers, new and old, grow in their understanding of the Living God.  To grow closer to Him, stronger in their relationship, and deeper in their faith.

We exist to serve!  We exist to be the "Hands and Feet" of God!  This Christianity thing is not a "spectator sport"-- its time to get off the sidelines and get in the game!  

We exist as a place for Young Adults (18-30) to belong!  You're "too old" to be a student in Youth Group, but you don't feel like you belong in "big church" yet either.  This can often lead you to feel left out of the Body of Christ and not sure where your place is.  Let us help you find where you can serve and be a place for you to belong!

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