CIY Believe
February 24-25, 2017
Kissimmee, Florida

Many of our students have been to Believe before!  And the stories they can tell and the memories we have from this event are AMAZING! Believe is an event built SPECIFICALLY for Middle School students!  It is an awesome weekend filled with crazy comedians and dramas, awesome worship, and powerful teaching!  And its all designed JUST FOR YOU!

Check out what they are saying about this year's theme: 

“You will be enriched in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God.”

A lot of Jr. high students are posting on social media with #Blessed. In many of these circumstances they are correct, but the perspective they have is wrong. Often times what we think we own is really on loan, and when students used #Blessed it’s almost always associated with getting something great for themselves. Ultimately, students aren’t understanding why they’re blessed, just that they are blessed.

This year’s theme “Open” will truly define what it means to be generous in every way, because we are blessed by God. The character of God goes against our natural tendencies – to hold on to the things God gives us for ourselves instead of holding open those things God gives us to others.

By exploring 2 Corinthians 9, students on the Believe tour will learn how God is calling them to be Open … to be generous in every way

A $25 Deposit will be required in order to sign up!

You MUST currently be in 6-8th grade in order to attend the CIY Believe event!

Total Cost: 

Full Price is the overall cost of the trip.  This is includes travel, lodging, registration, etc.  For our students who are regular participants in our Student Ministry, we offer some discounted prices.  YG Price is the cost for students who regularly attend our Youth Group (meaning they rarely miss a week).  YGC Price is the cost for students who regularly attend our Youth Group AND regularly attend church here at Plymouth Avenue Christian Church (again, meaning they rarely miss a week).
ALL registrations after the deadline will be charged the Full Price + any necessary late fees if there are any.

Full Price: $115

YG Price: $100
YGC Price: $80

Registration Deadline is:
Sunday, January 22, 2017
(Register by filling out the form below!)

We will be staying in Kissimmee Friday night, then returning to the church on Saturday evening!  

Check below for forms,
packing lists, schedule, etc.

CIY's Medical Release Form will be filled out online again this year.  The link will be emailed to parents after registration. It can also be found by clicking on this link:

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CIY Believe 2017 Registration

In order to register for CIY Believe, you must agree to the following: 1) to obey all rules and instructions given to you by the adults on the trip. 2) to be where you are supposed to be, when you are supposed to be there. 3) Boys are to be in the boys room ONLY and girls in the girls room ONLY - NO EXCEPTIONS! 4) Not to go off by yourself at any time. 5) to pay your balance in full before we leave for the trip (unless other arrangements have been approved by and made with Billy). By filling out this form you agree to obey these

Grade you are currently in