To Save A Life-- Week 4 & 5

Posted by Billy Knieriem on Wednesday, October 5, 2016
The TSAL series has been one of my favorite in a long while.  That mainly lies in the activities that it asks the students to participate in.  In week 4 for example, we had two of my favorite activities.  First we had a group scavenger/activity hunt. Each group was given a list of 25 items that they had to complete and get signed off by witnesses.  These ranged from playing leap frog to tackling a male adult leader (on Sunday night with the High School students, I just happened to be the ONLY male adult leader there that week!); singing "I love you, you love me" (the Barney song) to recreating the finals of a 50m butterfly swim race!  It was a blast to watch the students doing all of these crazy activities!  Later in the night, we discussed the film term, "logline."  The term is about a short word or phrase that describes an entire movie (or one scene or character).  We talked about the loglines we have for our own lives.  Each student was given two pieces of paper- one taped to the front of their shirt, and the other to the back.  They were asked to write a negative logline about their life- something negative they actually believe about themselves.  Then, quietly, they went around the room, reading each other's loglines.  On the paper taped to their back, students came along and gave them encouragement in response to their logline. It is always AWESOME to see students lifting each other up and encouraging each other!  There were several students very moved by the responses they received!

In week 5, we start to kind of bring this all together.  It is kind of a wrap up week, but also is an intentional presentation of the Gospel.  The whole reason we have youth group is so that we can have an opportunity to tell them about Jesus! Life, for all of us- no matter what age- is filled with so many options and so many opportunities.  But not all of those options and opportunities lead to better things.  Not all of them give hope. Hope only comes through ONE name, and that is Jesus Christ!  There is no greater joy we get then to present this hope to our students!


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