To Save A Life- Week 2

Posted by Billy Knieriem on Friday, September 16, 2016

"To Save A Life" Week 2

This week's message was that we are not alone.  That seems like a really simple message, but for many of us it's really a hard truth to grasp.  See, way too many times we get ourselves caught up in something and are convinced that we are the ONLY ONES going through it. I don't know what it is for you-- maybe its a particular bad habit or maybe it's some kind of struggle in your family-- but we are often convinced that we are the only ones dealing with it.  This lie keeps us from opening up about our struggles, keeps us from wanting anyone to know about it, and leaves us not only feeling alone- but also vulnerable to becoming more and more isolated.

All of us struggle with sin.  ALL OF US.  And many, if not all, of us have things in our life that we are embarrassed about or just would rather no one else know. But the truth is the power of these things remains in them being hidden.  When we try to cope with or handle these things by ourselves, they often become obstacles too big for us to overcome!

YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  We did an exercise/illustration where a statement was read (while everyone had their eyes closed) and if that statement applied to you, then you were to walk forward.  The idea wasn't to embarrass anyone, but instead to show us that we aren't alone.  There was not a single statement read that didn't have several students move forward on.  And these statements were about some deep issues.  But it gave us a tangible reminder that we are not the only ones going through difficult things- in fact, there's a good chance that our friends and others around us are going through the same difficulties!  We are able to support and encourage each other, and help each other through these when we realize we aren't alone- but in order for us to know that, we have to be open about it.

We also talked about the way we see people- the value we place on them.  It is unlikely any of us would walk past a $20 bill on the ground and not pick it up! But we may not even be bothered to stoop to pick up a penny.  The $20 has a value to us that often the penny doesn't.  We would go out of our way for one because of the value, but completely ignore the other because of its perceived lack of value.  Unfortunately, we also do tend to do this with people.  Some are $20 bills that we value and would do anything for.  And others might as well be gummed up dirty pennies that aren't worth our time or even acknowledgement. We need to see ALL people the way the God sees us- and place the same value on everyone.  Because that is what Jesus did, and that is what we are called to do! To be like Jesus, we have to do what Jesus did!

The three main points we want our students to walk away with this week:
1. You are NOT ALONE!
2. Compared to Jesus, we are all pennies. But God treats us like we are hundred dollar bills!
3. God placed us on this earth to be His hands and feet, and to do what Jesus did.

This week's challenge:
Thank an adult that has made a positive impact on your life

Questions to ask:
1. What makes me most afraid to share what I am struggling with with others?
2. How can I use things I have struggled with in the past to help others get through it now?

Parent Questions (to ask your son/daughter)
1. What are some things you are struggling with?
2. How can I help create a comfort level between us so that we can share our struggles?
3. How can I help you RIGHT NOW with things you are struggling through?


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