Operation Christmas Child

Posted by Billy Knieriem on Tuesday, November 26, 2013
Did you get the chance to join us for the Student Workday this past Sunday at First Christian Church in Leesburg?  We were there to help with the collection of boxes for Operation Christmas Child.  Check out the link for more information on the organization and what our help was making possible.  We had 11 students three adults, and two Jr Sponsors take part in this Workday.

The goal was to help them collect and sort boxes for the ministry.  Unfortunately, the time we were there was not filled with alot of boxes coming in!  But that's ok, the point was not how many boxes we collected, but that we were willing to help!  Instead, we were able to decorate alot of boxes to "spice" them up!  I don't know if the children who get them will love the pictures, the Scriptures, or the squiggly lines more- but it was a blessing to be able to decorate them!

Other than the boxes we decorated, we did get to help with the moving of some of the boxes that were collected.  And we got the chance to have some fun play time in FCC's beautiful Youth Outreach Center.  It's amazing how adults and teenagers can still get such hilarity and fun times out of "Monkey in the Middle" (until Megan Manning tried to break Billy's face with a head-butt!!!)!

I'm very thankful to the students and adults who took time out of their lives, woke up ridiculously early for a Saturday, and sacrificed for the benefit of others!  You all ROCK!!!

And hey, we even got a really cool surprise with the hot air balloons floating just over the top of our heads as we traveled to Leesburg!  What a cool sight!


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