Joint Game Night!

Posted by Billy Knieriem on Tuesday, November 26, 2013
This past Sunday night, our Middle School and High School ministries joined together for an awesome night of games and fellowship!  We love having our specific ministries, and are blessed to be able to minister more specifically by having separate times together-- but it is also a HUGE blessing to have our students fellowshipping and playing together!

We had 27 students come join us!  We even let a graduate from last year come and join us for the night!  The adults and students had a great time!  I really hope you didn't miss out!  But if you did, here's what games we played:  

Gaga Ball- ok, sure, we stole this idea from Stetson Baptist Church!  And we don't have the giant wood contraption that they have for it (which, by the way, is pretty awesome!), but our version is a ton of fun too!  Nothing like cramming 37 people into an octagon of tables and giving them a volleyball to hit at each other and seeing who the last person standing is!  Don't worry though, its not as scary as it sounds, and is really alot of fun!

Human Rock, Paper, Scissors TAG!- This game will make you wish you had a gym membership and were using it if you haven't been!  Like a mix between dodgeball, tag, and football up/down drills, with some strategy added in! It's an AWESOME workout, and a great time!

Human Foosball- This game is a blast!  It was hilarious to watch everyone fighting for the ball and trying to score a goal! Adding in some neutral players in the middle was definitely a fun addition!

If you had to miss the Game Night, know that you were missed!!!  Hopefully you will be able to join us next time!  We hope that everyone has a GREAT time with their families this Thanksgiving! 

Thanksgiving week activities:
Wednesday- Student Workday- Second Harvest Foodbank Warehouse- leaving the church at 7am.  Contact Billy to let him know if you are joining us!
Friday- Black Friday Two-Hand-Touch Football game!  Meet at the church at 12noon for a pickup game of football!  Come work off all of that food you stuffed yourself with on Thanksgiving!!!  

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