Fall Kickoff 2016

Posted by Billy Knieriem on Tuesday, August 30, 2016

"Ancient Olympics" was the theme of our Fall Kickoff this year!  With the Summer Games taking place in Rio, we thought we'd give a shot at our own competition style game extravaganza! Shortly after students arrived, they were grouped into Countries.  Each country was tasked with coming up with a name and a flag.  They were each given materials to make their flag and a list of the events they could compete in.  Once looking over the events, each country selected participants for each event- everyone had to compete in at least one!  The events included: Archery, Disc Throw, Stadia (distance run), a Relay Race, Volleyball, 3-on-3 Basketball, Long Jump, and The Gauntlet- which was a run down the center of two lines of students and adults armed with dodgeballs. You had to make it through the approximately 150-200 ft distance without getting hit twice!

WE. HAD. A. BLAST!  The students had fun making up country names (Pizzalandia, Pajamas, Drew-many, Bambia, and Romans ) and designing their flags!  And the competition was strong!  Our students were AWESOME in trying their best at each event.  

We asked all the students to come dressed in attire appropriate for the theme- which in this case, essentially meant wearing a toga (appropriate one of course, and with clothing underneath), and they did not disappoint!  It was a trip to see a bunch of students and adults running around in togas and competing against each other in a series of crazy games!

In the end, the winners were:
     Gold        Will Hennessy  (Bambia)
     Silver       Brian Fuller    (Pajamas)
     Bronze     Devon Citron    (Pizzalandia)

Relay Race
     Gold       DrewMany (Nate Hewson, Isaiah Swint, Zayne Hartwell, Marshal Stone)
     Silver      Pajamas (Gage Lauter, Bryn Dawson, JT Hewson, Brian Fuller)
     Bronze    Bambia (Will Hennessy, Sandra Oxendine, Kaley Urban, Benjamin Gilham)

Long Jump
     Gold       Isaiah Swint     (DrewMany)
     Silver     Benjamin Gilham   (Bambia)
     Bronze   Brianna Oxendine    (Romans)

Discus Throw
     Gold       Gage Lauter   (Pajamas)
     Silver      Franklin Gilham  (Romans)
     Bronze    Nick Chvojka   (Bambia)

     Gold       Addison Lienhop   (Romans)
     Silver     Jane Morris   (Bambia)
     Bronze   Grant Prest   (DrewMany)

The Gauntlet
     Gold       Jordan Davis  (Pajamas)
     Silver     Will Hennessy  (Bambia)
     Bronze    Ruthie Hassell  (Pizzalandia)

     Gold       DrewMany (Marshal Stone, Nate Hewson, Isaiah Swint)
     Silver     Bambia   (Will Hennessy, Nick Chvojka, Benjamin Gilham)
     Bronze    Pizzalandia (Ruthie Hassell, Austin Hoyt, Kayla Menter)

     Gold       DrewMany (Grant Prest, Marshal Stone, Francesca Rastellini)
     Silver      Pajamas (Mackaylah Chvojka, Bryn Dawson, Brian Fuller)
     Bronze    Pizzalandia (Ruthie Hassell, Sage Dawson, Austin Hoyt)

In the end, our overall winning country was Bambia with 7 total medals (1 Gold, 4 Silver, and 2 Bronze).  Second place was a tie between DrewMany and Pajamas- both with 5 medals each.  Pizzalandia had 4 total medals, and Romans finished with 3 medals

It was an awesome night a lot of fun and memories, and a great way to kickoff our Fall!

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