Define: Me

Posted by Billy Knieriem on Friday, November 4, 2016
We have started a new lesson series called, "Define: Me."  Google is a great tool!  In fact, you can all but throw away a dictionary because all you have to do is go to google and type define and then the word you want the definition for and BAM! up pops the definition.  But it's not that simple when we are talking about what defines us. Google can't give us that answer.  There really are only two places we can get that definition from: the world or the Word.

The world TRIES to give us the answer, and we run around like a dog chasing it's own tail trying to keep up with what the world says defines us-- this week! But the definition is always changing. It offers us a definition that is mired in social status, wealth, popularity, position, appearance, skill, etc.  

The Word gives us an answer based off of how God defines us, how He sees us.  And this definition hasn't changed- ever!  God sees us as His creation, His workmanship, His children! That isn't dependent upon any social status or position the world can offer, no certain appearance or skill is required. All that is required is that we ACCEPT Him and obey.

Over the course of this series, we will be looking at how God defines us. And we will be encouraging our students to choose His definition over the world's definition.  To pursue the Word- not the world!  

Where do YOU get your definition from?

Overview of the Series:
Week 1- Define: Me
Week 2- You are Called ("Born this way -- Called to more!")
Week 3- You are Redeemed/Saved
Week 4- You are Unique/Created
Week 5- You are Loved

We hope you come join us


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